Friday, December 4, 2009

My god, sir - you bloody read it, didn't you?!

Now, I'm aware that I've pretty much abandoned this whole interblag thing for quite a while. Stuff like that happens when you have to work in order to eat, and your only non-work computer is deceased. However, I am spurred to action because of an incredible occurrence - someone has reviewed Normality. Reviewed it very positively.

See, when Vish (my co-author) and I wrote Normality, we had high hopes but were actually not entirely convinced it was playable. We found out that it was when we ran it ourselves, but we still weren't convinced anyone but us could run it. I whacked it up on my own free site and the wonderful One Thousand Monkeys, One Thousand Typewriters because I thought it'd be interesting to see if anyone gave a hoot.

By in large, they didn't - which is fine. Normality is after all an extended angry rant, regardless of its merits as a game or a setting. Then I got an email from a fellow by the name of Wess, who called himself "Suicide Puppet". He was enamoured of the poor twisted thing, is (I believe) considering some companion work for it.

He's also started a blog called Blur about RPGs - specifically those he considers to be doing interesting conceptual things with the hobby. And he gave our little baby pride of place as his first review.

Thanks Wess. You guys should totally go check out Blur - it's shaping up to be something really interesting...

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