Friday, May 17, 2013

Alcohol and drugs, magical thinking edition.

This right here is a link to the Oddity's pseudo-article about the "new photo craze among students" - consuming beer bongs in unusual clothes and/or places. Those wacky kids, and such.

In case you're not up on risky drinking lingo, a beer bong is the practice of pouring an entire can of beer into a plastic tube (by means of a funnel at one end) and drinking the entire thing at once. It's a) a way of getting really drunk really fast (because the whole beer hits your stomach at once) and b) consuming really awful booze without tasting it so much.

Does it strike anyone else as odd that a paper who gave so many column inches to the effort to eradicate the latest synthetic cannabis bugbear is this supportive of dangerous drinking habits? My pet theory is that they don't consider beer a drug, and thus don't consider alcohol harm as belonging in the same mental compartment as other drugs.

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